We provide equipment and service solutions to our customers across the golf, hospitality, leisure and both the industrial & contractor sectors. We offer only the world’s leading brands, ensuring quality and efficiency for our customers. Our network of operations across the region ensure we can respond quickly when it comes to parts & service, and that we have the local knowledge and expertise on-hand when you need it.

Agriculture & Irrigation

A good pumping system is essential in the agriculture and irrigation market. This is to keep the productivity high and at the same time let the customer stay competitive and profitability. It also need to be energy efficient and optimise use of water resources. We offer a wide range of pumping solutions and products to cater to the needs in this market segment. Find out more.

Building Services

Common pumping systems used in the building services include heating, air conditioning, water supply and waste water treatment. Good efficiency, energy savings and environment care are important considerations when choosing the right pumping systems. We offer the highest efficiency and energy savings solution for your pumping needs. Find out more.

Food & Beverages

The food & beverage industry requires pumps that are efficient and of high hygiene standard. They must be gentle with the product handled. The applications range from raw materials, food and beverage products to cleaning fluids, water and waste water handling. Find out more.


Pumps are used in a wide range of mining applications such as in raw water supply, dewatering and process water. Due to the corrosive and erosive nature of the mining water and slurry, high quality pumps with both wear & corrosion and abrasion resistant materials, which can withstand such harsh usage, are critical. Our pumps meet such needs. Find out more.

Palm Oil & Sugar Plants

A variety of pumps and pumping applications are found in the palm oil and Sugar industries in the production process, cooling water and water and waste water treatment. We have a wide range of high quality pumps to cater to almost every needs in the industries. Find out more.

Petrochemical & Fertilizer

Pumps used in the chemical and fertilizer industry demand good wear and corrosion resistance. It requires the toughest and technologically advanced products. We offer a wide range of products including stainless steel centrifugal pumps, submersible pumps, cooling water pumps, slurry pumps, sludge pumps, effluent pumps. Find out more.

Power Plant

Pumps and pumping systems are used in power plants in primary applications such as pumping condensate, cooling water, boiler feed water as well as in secondary application such as chemical and fuel feed/transfer, slurry and dewatering pumping and service/fire water pumping. Find out more.

Pulp & Paper

A wide variety of pumping systems are used in the pulp and paper industry starting from the front end of the plant through the waste water treatment. Many of the applications require corrosion and wear resistance pumps  as chemicals are used in many of the processes. We have a wide range of product to cater to the many applications for this industry. Find out more.

Water & Waste Water

Water needs to be treated for consumption or use and after used, needs to be cleaned, treated and returned to the environment. Waste water can be difficult to transport and manage with large amounts of organic solids, rags and other challenging waste. We offer solutions throughout the water cycle and treatment process. Find out more.
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